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There are several major types of Yoga each employing different techniques but all designed to achieve the same unifying objective. The two major Yogas that concern us in this  are Raja (meditation) Yoga and Hatha (physical) Yoga, with the emphasis on the latter. The objectives of Hatha Yoga are twofold: (1) to cultivate the natural beauty of the body and attain a high state of health; (2) to awaken a great power that lies dormant in the organism and utilize it for developing one’s own unique, individual potential; that is, to achieve self-realization.

From the above you can understand that Yoga is not simply another system of exercising. The word exercise❠is used in this book as a convenience. More precisely, Matha Yoga is composed of a series of postures or poses (asanas in Sanskrit). As you perform the asanas you must be aware that they have been carefully designed to promote health and beauty as well as stimulate energies that will be of extreme importance in the days to come. Hence the necessity for poise, balance and concentration at all times during practice.

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