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Yoga at space for Thus, any change in the physical landscape at or near the site and this is especially true for tombs and graves of GEOMANCY ancestors can cause a suitable site to be viewed by its owners as no longer suitable. The worst offense is the digging of another grave near the first one. Such a grave will cut off the underground channels and cause harm to the ancestor’s soul, thereby interfering with the ancestor’s ability to provide assistance to his living descendants. Geomancers are called upon to help restore the suitability of the site or to negotiate a settlement when the disruption is caused by the acts of other persons. However, since both parties to the dispute may have made their site choices on the basis of feng shui, both are reluctant to change their sites, resulting in threats, violence, court battles, and sometimes vandalism of the graves. In addition to disputes over graves, such conflicts also concern villages sites and, between neighbors, building sites and additions to existing buildings that alter the physical landscape. In feng shui, any alteration to the physical landscape alters the flow of unobservable forces and may disrupt the harmony of the elements that make for a suitable feng shui. Yoga at space photos, Yoga at space 2016.


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