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Yoga at pittsburgh zoo for The gods were part of that One, as is everything else in the universe. Some Hindus came to believe that the One came about through a massive human sacrifice, thus making the act of sacrifice a creative act. Others believed that before there was the present universe, there was a formless entity known as Tad Ekam, or That One. In this preuniverse state there was neither darkness or light, life or death, but rather a great cosmic reality that was beyond human senses. Because of the existence of a universal One, there are many different avenues for realizing its presence. A person can achieve the quest of knowledge of the universe, creation, and human beings through the performances of rituals or mental meditations. Out of these concepts grew the principle of Brahman-Atman. Yoga at pittsburgh zoo photos, Yoga at pittsburgh zoo 2016.

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