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Yoga at myrtle beach for All government institutions, including the army, are meant to serve Allah and implement his laws. Man’s role is to apply the laws as described by the Quran, the word of ISLAM I ISLAM Allah as described and recorded by Muhammad, and the hadith, an extensive collection of traditions, opinions, and decisions laid down by Muhammad during his tenure as leader. When Muhammad died in a schism occurred as followers were divided over who should succeed him to power as the caliph leader of the Muslims. Most Muslims chose to follow Abu Bakr, a son-in-law and longtime follower of Muhammad. But a different contingent thought Ali, also a son-in-law and a cousin, was the rightful heir. This early divergence is the root of the Muslim split into Sunni Muslims who followed Abu Bakr and Shiite Muslims who gave their allegiance to Ali. Ironically, Ali later became the third caliph. Yoga at myrtle beach photos, Yoga at myrtle beach 2016.

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