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Yoga at kota damansara for In the same way, however, superstition and occultism gradually crept into different aspects of Sufism, which evolved into several different forms. There are now about seventy Sufi orders. The common threads of Sufism are the belief that the truth can only be found through personal experience culminating in union with god, that Sufi masters known as shaikhs are to be honored and achieve the status of saints after death, and that celibacy is preferable to marriage. The group got its name from a coarse woolen mantle, known as a suf that its early practitioners wore and has since become a distinguishing feature. Observances and Festivals There are four solemn observances that all Muslims must perform during their lifetime. The first takes place seven days after birth, at which time the parents name the child, cut the baby s hair, and offer an animal sacrifice in which the meat from the animal is given to the poor. The second is the circumcision of boys, usually done by the age of four. Yoga at kota damansara photos, Yoga at kota damansara 2016.

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