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Yoga at janpath for If the karma is light, the soul will rise to higher levels of existence, but if the karma is heavy it will descend into lower levels of existence. There are three main steps in reaching the highest level of self-liberation. The first involves accepting the truth of the twenty-four Tirthankaras the second is gaining knowledge of the path to selfliberation and the third is following that path. The relatively few souls that find self-liberation break the cycle of rebirth and rise to the top of the universe where all the released souls siddhas dwell. All siddhas are identical and exist in a blissful state of spiritual omniscience. Because Mahavira s doctrines were extremely severe for all but the most serious disciples, a less restrictive code of conduct was allowed for ordinary people. This includes ahimsa, never lying or stealing, limiting one s material wealth and needs, giving excess wealth to charity, meditating, going through special periods of self-denial, spending some time as a monk, being chaste, and giving alms to monks and ascetics. Yoga at janpath photos, Yoga at janpath 2016.

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