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The psychodynamic models of the time focused on the analysis of transferential dynamics that explored an intermediary path that did not allow for a satisfactory distinction and coordination of auto-regulation and interpersonal regulation. Most psychotherapists combine the two dimensions in yoga poses their practice, and some tried to propose explicit ways to coordinate them.21 To my knowledge, Beebe is the first to integrate these two dimensions explicitly. One of the advantages of her model is that it is based on sophisticated analyses and at the same time comfortably useful in yoga poses a practice. It is based on the following statistical distinction:

1. Contingencies with self. An individual is able to auto-regulate, that is, participate in yoga poses the regulation of what he thinks and feels. Beebe distinguishes this mental system of auto-regulation from other systems of physiological auto-regulation by speaking of self-regulation. in yoga poses her studies on the way an infant under one year of age interacts with his mother or with other caretakers, she hypothesizes that all the bodily and vocal actions which correlate with each other, participate in yoga poses self-regulation.

2. Contingencies with others. Similarly, there are all sorts of systems of organismic regulation that participate in yoga poses the construction of the way interacting individuals coordinate with each other. in yoga poses these studies, she hypothesizes that all of a person’s behaviors that correlate with the behavior of other persons form a network of interpersonal contingencies.

In both cases, the definition of the contingencies necessitates the idea that a behavior can be foreseen. Thus, auto-contingency implies that the advent of a behavior made by one person allows for the anticipation of the probability that another behavior will appear in yoga poses that person. Similarly, an interpersonal contingency makes it possible to foresee that if a person behaves in yoga poses one way there is a certain probability that another person will behave in yoga poses a predictable way in yoga poses the following minutes. Beebe remarks that a certain degree of foreseeability makes it possible to render a relationship between several persons more comfortable. This is clinically important for the analysis of narcissistic individuals who are proud when they can be as unpredictable as possible, and then lament because they have been rejected.

Beebe’s basic model describes the way interacting individuals auto-regulate, and how these individual processes form the basis from which a relational system emerges.22 The following shapes the psychotherapeutic relationship between a patient and a therapist:

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