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Yoga at home dvd on Rather, she seeks out Brhaspati, the custodian of brahmanical values, and asks for his help. In response to the queen s request, Brhaspati goes to Indra and congratulates him on his acquisition of wisdom and his decision to renounce the world. He just wants to check, he says, whether Indra has made all the appropriate preparations, for it would be pointless to take such an important step and then find that one was hampered by a burden of unfulfilled duties. The best course of action, explains Brhaspati, is to discharge all one s duties and then renounce the world. This gives Indra a new perspective that allows him to retain the wisdom of the karma-samsara-moksa view whilst also following a course of action more suited to his current nature. Once again, Indra is swayed by the guidance of a religious teacher and he changes his plans, deciding to remain king though the allure of extending his palace has lost its sheen. Now he will be a dutiful rather than an indulgent king, and at some time in the future will renounce the world and seek liberation. Yoga at home dvd 2016.


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