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Yoga at hammonasset for In the eighteenth century, a mystical movement known as Hasidicism erupted among eastern Europeans. By the end of the nineteenth century most of the restrictions placed on Jews in Europe had been removed. Also in the nineteenth century, a group of Jews were influenced by the nationalism that was sweeping Europe. Under the leadership of Theodore Herzl, the Zionists were convinced they would never be treated justly in Europe and advocated the creation of a Jewish nation. When World War II broke out in Europe, Nazi Germany systematically killed six million Jews in concentration camps. Known as the Holocaust, the genocide convinced the rest of the world to allow the Jews to establish their own country in former British Palestine in After a brief but victorious war with Arab Palestinian residents and Arab neighbors, the Jews established Israel as a religious state. Yoga at hammonasset photos, Yoga at hammonasset 2016.

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