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Yoga at grace cathedral for In nearly all cultures, birth, marriage, and death are marked by ritual observances that include not just the individual who has been born, been wed, or died but also members of his or her family and the community. In addition, in many cultures other significant transitions in the individual life cycle such as becoming an adult or reaching the age of religious maturity are also marked by rituals. As a group, these types of rites are called rites of passage, rites of intensification, or crisis rites. While there is much cross-cultural variation in how these rites are carried out, all involve the individual passing through the stages of separation, transition, and incorporation. In the separation stage the individual is removed from one social environment at birth from the womb, at marriage from the natal home, and at death from the natural world. During the transition stage, the individual enters the new life stage and learns the behaviors now expected of him or her. And in the incorporation stage the new social role and status of the individual is given public recognition. Yoga at grace cathedral photos, Yoga at grace cathedral 2016.


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