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Yoga at frontier field for The Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa, who now number several million and are Muslims. The following information pertains to the Berbers of the agricultural community of Aith Waryaghar in Morocco. The major Berber life-cycle rites center on birth, naming the infant, circumcision of boys, marriage, and death. Berber birth rites mirror the same concerns shaping Zuni rites protecting the child from evil and influencing subsequent births. Immediately after the birth the placenta is buried to keep it away from dogs whose eating it will cause the mother to become infertile, a boar’s tusk necklace is placed around the infant’s neck to ward off the evil eye, and salt on a knife is placed beside the bed to ward off evil spirits. For seven days the mother and infant are LIFE-CYCLE RITES secluded to keep them away from these evil dangers. The arrival of twins is considered lucky, and the seclusion period is extended to sixty days, as the fear of harm increases. Yoga at frontier field photos, Yoga at frontier field 2016.

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