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Yoga at fenway for The operation is performed by a barber who specializes in circumcisions and the boy is brought to the barber and attended to by his father. Women are never present, although they give the child money after the rite and rejoice at its successful completion. For the Berbers, circumcision is a marker of male identity and perpetuation of the male line, and fathers view their circumcised sons with much pride. At the father’s choosing, it may or may not be celebrated by a family feast. Marriage is the major life-cycle ritual for the Berbers. It begins with the arrangement of the marriage itself, with the mothers of the young man and woman first discussing the matter informally and then the father of the man visiting the father of the woman in a series of visits to arrange the marriage, agree on the amount of brideprice to be paid to the bride’s family, and then the drawing up of the marriage document according to Islamic law. This ends the Islamic, social, legal, and economic requirements and the three-day marriage ritual dhamghra begins. Yoga at fenway photos, Yoga at fenway 2016.

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