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Yoga at fac for Zuni life-cycle rites and rituals begin during pregnancy, when the expectant parents alter their behavior to protect their unborn child. Believing that like causes like the expectant parents avoid death mothers avoid looking at dead bodies and fathers stop hunting. Additionally, ritual activity may be used to influence the birth pregnant women stop cooking foods that might produce twins, which are considered bad luck if a male child is preferred, a boy is made to attend the birth because his presence might help produce a son. After a boy is born, he is touched by a woman from his father’s clan, thereby making him a member of that group. Magical beliefs and the sexual division of labor determine the disposal of the LHT.-CYCI.I Rm s L LIFE-CYCLE RITES umbilical cord that of a girl is buried under a grinding stone, where she must spend many hours grinding corn as a mature woman that of a boy is buried in the corn field, where he must till the crops. Yoga at fac photos, Yoga at fac 2016.

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