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Yoga at exile for An individual is buried in a shroud shortly after he or she dies usually the same day if practically possible. The washing of the body, placement in the shroud, transport to the cemetery, digging of the grave, and position of the body are all attended to with much concern for the proper procedure and ritual behavior. The body is always buried with the face toward Mecca. The burial, attended only by men, is followed by food and prayer at the home of the deceased. For a widow, other ritual acts are required at three days and forty days after the death and perhaps a final one sometime later in the year. The Berber and Zuni life-cycle rites both point to a central feature of all types of rites in most cultures rites tend to be most elaborate when they are of significance for the entire family or entire community, not just for the individuals involved. For the Zuni, the male initiation rights are most important because of LIFE-CYCLE RITES their role in making boys into men and in perpetuating the Zuni way of life. Yoga at exile photos, Yoga at exile 2016.

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