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Yoga at deering estate for Some feel that the child’s soul may be endangered if he should die without baptism, although this idea is discouraged by the church. In many cultures whose religion has been influenced by the Roman Catholicism brought LIFE-CYCLE RITES to the New World by the Spanish, baptism is also the occasion for the establishment of the compadrazgo relationship. Compadrazgo involves the godparent-godchild relationship as well as the co-parent relationship between the godparents and parents. As in Spain and elsewhere, godparents are a backup set of parents who will assist in the religious education, look after the child’s welfare, and adopt the child if the parents die. The co-parent relationship is one of reciprocal respect and obligation and requires a certain degree of formality as well as the performance of certain obligations, such as attending family ceremonies and paying for the funeral when the other dies. The co-parent also can play an important social, political, and economic function as a family can increase its social standing by retaining a godparent from a higher social class and a godparent can build a political network by having many godchildren and coparent relationships. Initiation Rites Initiation rites are ceremonies that mark the transition from childhood or adolescence to adulthood. Yoga at deering estate photos, Yoga at deering estate 2016.

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