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Yoga at 90 for de Silva Ongoing interest in and discussion of cannibalism in many cultures seem to reflect the various elements of the human experience symbolized by cannibalism, including the meaning of one's own existence, social order, and cultural continuity over time. Two cultures have drawn special attention as purveyors of cannibalism the Aztec Empire of preColombian Mexico and the Fore of New Guinea. Aztec cannibalism, as described by the Spanish conquistadors and writers who arrived shortly after the conquest, was closely tied to Aztec human sacrifice, which estimates place at anywhere from to persons per year. Scholars have suggested a variety of explanations for Aztec sacrifice and cannibalism, with sacrifice considered the socially and religiously more important of the two practices.

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Explanations focus on the possible need to obtain protein from human flesh due to a shortage of other foods, the central role played by the heart and blood in the Aztec conception of the universe, and sacrifice as an aspect of the social stratification system. Alleged cannibalism by the Fore people came to the attention of outsiders because of its possible link to an infectious neurological disease called kuru, a slow infection of the central nervous system whose discovery and study won the Nobel Prize for Physiology Medicine for Dr. D.

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