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Yoga at 70 for Before long, instead of being persecuted by Romans, Christians were enlisting Romans to persecute other religious groups, including nonconforming Christian sects. Constantine also inadvertently played a major role in the future division of Christianity by building a new Rome five hundred miles to the east that he named after himself, Constantinople. Constantine moved to the new city, leaving Rome to be ruled by leaders from northern Europe. The two centers of Christianity grew further and further apart, with Catholic Rome representing the Latin branch and Orthodox Constantinople the Greek branch. The two did not officially split until but major differences had made their appearance centuries earlier. The Catholic Church became institutionalized under Roman rule throughout the Mediterranean basin, and the pope became the spiritual head of a hierarchical church structure. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE The rise of Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries led to an eclipse of Christianity in northern Africa and Asia, but at the same time Christianity had spread to much of northern Europe. Yoga at 70 photos, Yoga at 70 2016.

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