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Yoga at 6am for Some of the practitioners, however, strayed from Eddy s ideas and formed rival movements. Eddy initiated a series of reforms to centralize control of the church. She closed the college, defined all local churches as branches of the Mother Church in Boston, and made membership to the Mother Church obligatory for all practitioners. A few years later, in she cemented her control by replacing all pastors at the branch churches with readers, who simply recited sermons from set readings of the Bible and Science and Health. Eddy started the Christian Science Monitor in as a way for the church to demonstrate the political and social expression of her practical idealism. The newspaper, which continues to have an international reputation for its standards, avoids sensational news and applies the Christian Science idea that the very discussion of evil helps perpetuate and expand the power of evil. The newspaper focuses on the good in the world. Yoga at 6am photos, Yoga at 6am 2016.

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