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Yoga at 50 for Confucianism reemerged in a form now called Neo-Confucianism as the major philosophical force in Chinese life and remained so until the early twentieth century. Neo-Confucianism is characterized by an effort to remove elements such as meditation that had been borrowed from Buddhism and a return to traditional Confucian principles of purity, humaneness, virtue, peace, and learning. Early in the period two schools emerged, the school of principle and the school of mind, each with its own scholars, students, and varied interpretations of Confucian principles. Confucianism also became a guiding force for the organization of Chinese society, with property, individual, family, and state all seen as closely integrated with one another. NeoConfucian practice emphasizes ancestor worship, the sacrifice of animals, and the offering of specially prepared foods to Confucius and other important persons at temples. At various times there have been attempts to deify Confucius but all have ultimately been rejected and he continues to be viewed as a great scholar and teacher. The texts of Confucianism are an enormous collection of material. Yoga at 50 photos, Yoga at 50 2016.

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