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Yoga at 21 c for Book of the Hopi. DIVINATION Divination refers to beliefs and practices whose purpose is to enable humans to communicate with the supernatural world so that humans can obtain information that foretells the future or explains past or present events. The activities humans in most societies are interested in foretelling or explaining are often very important ones such as the success of a crop or hunting expedition, where to build one’s house, where to bury one’s ancestors, happiness in marriage, the identity of a criminal, and the reason for illness or death. Thus, it is not surprising that divination is a cultural universal and takes a very wide variety of forms across cultures. In fact, since any object, action, or event can be used for divination so long as the individual believes that the object, action, or event has divinatory power, the variety of forms divination may take is limited only by the human imagination. Divination differs from other forms of religious activity in that the goal of divination is limited to acquiring knowledge about the intentions of supernatural beings and how those intentions will affect humans. Unlike other religious activities such as prayer, offerings, and sacrifice, divination does not include activities designed to influence the supernatural. Yoga at 21 c photos, Yoga at 21 c 2016.

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