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Yoga asanas postures on Krsna s version of these teachings is, however, subtly different from that found in either of these texts. Throughout the Gita Krsna employs the compound term Samkhya-Yoga, indicating that they are essentially two aspects of the same teaching. Indeed, in 5.4-5 he explicitly states that the wise understand that Samkhya and Yoga are not separate: Of reason-method [Samkhya] and discipline [Yoga] as separate, fools Speak, not the wise; Resorting to even one of them, completely Man wins the fruit of both What place is gained by the followers of reason-method, That is reached also by the followers of discipline (-method). That reason-method and discipline are one Who sees, he truly sees. The place gained by followers of Krsna s Samkhya-Yoga is, however, different from that gained by followers of Isvarakrsna s Samkhya Karika and Patanjali s Yoga Sutra. For the followers of these traditions the final goal is kaivalya (isolation or aloneness), the separation of an individual self (purusa) from nature (prakrti) and, it should be noted, from every other individual self too, a conception that has close parallels with Jainism, where the jivas seek separation (kaivalya) from ajiva. Yoga asanas postures 2016.

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