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Yoga asanas poses on By these sins of family-destroyers, (Sins) which produce caste-mixture, The caste laws are destroyed, And the eternal family laws. When the family laws are destroyed, Janardana, then for men Dwelling in hell certainly Ensues: so we have heard (from the Holy Word). Ah woe! Twas a great wickedness That we had resolved to commit, In that, through greed for the joys of kingship, We undertook to slay our kinsfolk. If me unresisting, Weaponless, with weapons in their hands Dhrtarastra s men should slay in battle, That would be a safer course for me. Thus speaking Arjuna in the battle Sat down in the box of the car, Letting fall his bow and arrows, His heart smitten with grief.* (BG 1.37-47)6 In response to this Krsna offers the teaching that constitutes the bulk of the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga asanas poses 2016.

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