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Yoga asanas names on From the perspective of the meditators, however, things surely seem quite different. The confidence with which yoga practitioners present their accounts of human nature and the cosmos suggests that their experiences have led them to think that those accounts are accurate. How can intelligent people come to believe, on the basis of meditative experience, that inaccurate accounts are, in fact, accurate? And some of them must be inaccurate since they are incompatible with each other. The answer, I would suggest, lies in the nature of trance and the relationship between yogic experience and trance experience. Given that yoga students and readers of this book know a good deal about yoga and probably a good deal less about trance, I will begin by outlining the nature of trance states and suggest that when properly understood they can be seen to be extremely valuable to human well-being if they are employed skilfully. Then I will draw a number of parallels between states of yogic meditation and states of trance, suggesting that the former are probably best understood as a sub-category of the latter. Let us begin by considering some popular misconceptions about trance. Yoga asanas names 2016.

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