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Yoga asanas information on So Krsna accepts that Samkhya-Yoga can lead to freedom from the effects of action, self-knowledge and liberation from rebirth, but he does not consider them to be the most effective means available. 13.24 and 12.12 express his view succinctly: Some by meditation (dhyana) come to behold the self (atman) in the self by the self; others by the reason-method (samkhya), and others by the discipline of action (karma-yoga). However, Knowledge (jnana) is better than practice (abhyasa), and meditation (dhyana) is superior to knowledge, and abandonment of the fruit of actions (karma-phala-tyaga) is better than meditation; from abandonment (comes) peace immediately.9 Moreover, he does not accept that all traditions possess the keys to release. In 2. Yoga asanas information 2016.

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