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Yoga asana on Platypi do not give birth to live young but lay soft-shelled, pea-sized eggs. When the eggs hatch the young feed on milk from the mammary glands on the mother s belly. This required a further broadening of the term s scope. The current agreement on the common features is that mammals are (1) warm blooded, (2) suckle their young and (3) have four-chambered hearts).38 Moreover, claims Wolpert, scientific enquiry is so different from common sense thinking that it has only developed once in human cultures. Wolpert traces this once back to the ancient Greeks, though I think that a better case can be made for rooting the rise of what we call science to the European enlightenment even though this was influenced by aspects of ancient Greek thinking. Scientific thinking, for Wolpert has at least two unnatural characteristics: 1. Yoga asana 2016.

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