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Yoga asana postures on Krsna s aim is obviously to persuade Arjuna to fight, and ultimately he succeeds in this, though Arjuna proves to be remarkably resistant. Indeed, the original Arjuna-Krsna dialogue might well have concentrated on this point. As we have it, however, the Gita contains much more and its ultimate message is one of universal relevance, at least to members of Hindu society. It is worth noting, before considering Krsna s teaching, that Arjuna s frame of reference for understanding his situation is essentially that Madava andJanardana are two of Krsna s titles; Dhrtarastra is the elder brother of Pandu and hence Arjuna s uncle. of Vedic religion. There is no mention of karma as a cosmic moral principle, nor of rebirth as a destiny. It is as though Arjuna had never encountered the Upanisads nor any of the sramanic teachings. Yoga asana postures 2016.

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