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Yoga asana names on They feel that it is important to make tantrism respectable. Snellgrove, however, argues that the enigmatic or twilight language often functions to conceal the real nature of the sacramental objects used in tantric rites from the uninitiated. Flesh, sometimes human, was consumed, as was alcohol, and actual sexual intercourse was engaged in. Moreover, many tantric texts provide enigmatic instructions, in terms of cakras and nadd, on meeting sites for different tantric groups.30 The likelihood is, then, that groups of yogins and yoginds actually engaged in these tantric yoga rituals with all of their taboo features. Indeed, what better test is there of a person s abandonment of all dualistic perception? The sadhana of the divya is conducted in isolation, within the sphere of his/her own body and mind. Utilizing the notion that the universe is constructed holographically, the yogin works on his own body, vital energy (prana) and mind to bring about the reintegration of the poles of existence. Yoga asana names 2016.

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