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Yoga asana names and pictures on Nirvana has none of these features. One of the Pali texts, the Udana, describes it as follows: There exists, monks, that sphere where there is: (i) neither solidity, nor cohesion, nor heat, nor motion; (ii) nor the sphere of infinite space, nor the sphere of infinite consciousness, nor the sphere of nothingness, nor the sphere of neither-percep-tion-nor-non-perception; (iii) neither this world, nor a world beyond, nor both; (iv) nor sun-and-moon; (v) there, monks, I say there is no coming or going, nor maintenance, nor falling away, nor arising; (vi) that, surely, is without support (patittha), it has no functioning, it has no object (arammana); just this is the end of dukkha.25 The attainment of this state is what, in Buddhist teaching, brings about the cessation of suffering. THE WAY THAT LEADS TO THE CESSATION OF SUFFERING As noted above, the Buddha studied meditation under at least two teachers before he gained enlightenment. The attainments taught by Alara Kalama and Uddaka Ramaputta: no-thing-ness and neither perception nor non-perception (sometimes described as the seventh and eighth jhanas) were deemed not to lead to awakening, though the ninth, the cessation of perception and feeling (sannaveditanirodha), was understood to lead to it. This has caused a fair amount of confusion and disagreement amongst interpreters of Buddhist texts. We will not explore it further here, apart from commenting that one aim of the early compilers of these texts seems to have been to accommodate pre-Buddhist meditation practices without allowing them to deliver access to nirvana. Yoga asana names and pictures 2016.

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