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Yoga asana chart on What all these views have in common is the idea that anyone can decide to follow the eightfold path and start practising right away. The fourth view denies that this is possible. It also denies the existence of two paths, an ordinary and an ennobling, and maintains that the path is to be understood as sequential beginning with right view and ending with the tenth step of right release.32 This view has been most eloquently articulated by Peter Masefield of the University of Sidney.33 Right view, according to Masefield, is defined as understanding (pajanati) or possessing knowledge (nanam) of the four truths; it is to see with right insight (panna) the uprising and cessation of the world as it really is, to have, without dependence on another, no doubt, no uncertainty that whatever uprises is (dukkha) and that whatever ceases is dukkha Right view is, in short, to see the Dhamma, to see Nibbana Such a right view is, moreover, supermundane [lokuttara], anasava [without karmic consequence] and ariyan [noble] and the means by which one comes to be born of the ariyan birth.34 In Masefield s account it is the acquisition of right view that makes one an ariyan, a noble one. Ariyans, in this sense, are those who see the four truths for themselves. Yoga asana chart 2016.

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