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Hey everyone and welcome to your own yoga today we’ll practice the standing poses of the Ashtanga vinyasa system as taught by Pattabhi Jois well it pretty much as it was taught to me by Pattabhi Jois so make sure that you modify and change whatever you need to do according to your body today okay here we go starting with Surya Namaskar a inhale look up exhale forward fold inhale lengthen the spine exhale step jump chaturanga inhale open the heart look up exhale downward facing dog taking some breaths here, if you need to keep the knees bent that’s okay try to lengthen the spine keeping the belly slightly in and up to help with space for the lower back and breathe looking between the hands step or jump the feet forward lengthen then exhale forward fold inhale coming all the way up look up exhale samasthiti inhale the air come arms up exhale forward fold it way today knee inhale lengthen Chitauri exhale jump back inhale pancha exhale shut breathing press up ten fingers down to the ground keep rooting the heels towards the earth. But again, if it’s too much bend the knees try to maintain as much length in the spine as you can keep breathing head and neck relaxed looking forward Sapta lengthen the spine our style forward fold inhale Nava all the way up exhale samasthiti inhale urdhva hast Asana exhale uttan Asana inhale ardha uttan Asana exhale chaturanga dand Asana inhale ruta mukha Svan Asana exhale Adam Akashvani sauna breathing for five keep your Drishti your gaze towards the feet.

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If it’s easy enough maybe you’re looking at your knees traditionally you would be looking at your belly. But your navel. But for most of us the knees or the feet are good enough looking forward step jump ardha uttan Asana exhale tan Asana inhale woodruf hasta sana exhale samasthiti bending the knees Surya Namaskar B would cut Asana exhale uttan Asana inhale ardha uttan Asana exhale chaturanga dand Asana inhale would bow mukha exhale odd omocha right foot forward inhale virabhadr Asana warrior one exhale slowly all the way down chaturanga dand Asana inhale Woodville mukha exhale ah dah mukha Svan Asana left foot forward right heel down inhale Veerabhadra sonica and slowly exhaling all the way down chaturanga dandasan inhale good for mukha Svan Asana exhale do mukha Svan Asana okay. So once you come here maybe you’re taking a breath or two to align yourself. But try to also give yourself a few breaths of just being just being here present feeling your body noticing your breath deep breaths jumping forward hips high lengthen and exhale forward fold inhale bend the knees utkat Asana exhale samasthiti. But yeh come inhale look up seer thumbs and exhale forward fold uttan Asana inhale look a little bit forward try to keep the gaze forward as you step or jump chaturanga dand Asana inhale look up.

But not too far up exhale look back right foot forward gaze follows the hands warrior one exhale back to down to chaturanga gaze a little forward inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing dog left foot forward right heel down coming up to the warrior one exhale hands to the ground step back lower chaturanga inhale open the heart exhale downward facing dog do mukha Svan Asana keep wrapping the arms the shoulders in towards the midline alright. So you have space between the shoulder blades. So you have space between the shoulders. And the ears and, if you’re stretching the shoulders down make sure you’re not collapsing in the spine look between the hands stop forward length and look a little up and exhale down head to the knees inhale bending the knees utkat Asana exhale samasthiti bend the knees would katasonych gaze up exhale forward fold inhale lengthening look forward exhale chaturanga dand Asana inhale world for mukha Svan Asana exhale ah do mukha Svan Asana right foot Veerabhadra sonica exhale chaturanga dand Asana elbows close to the body inhale would firm oka exhale raha da mukha Svan Asana left foot forward Veerabhadra sonica gaze up exhale chaturanga dand Asana belly in inhale ruled by mukha Svan Asana exhale door mukha Svan Asana find the balance in this pose between work and softness remember these pose are alive even within the pose you may do little adjustments as you stay in it.

But try not to be forceful try to enjoy this sense you’re doing it looking forward hop step and exhale forward fold and half bending the knees utkat Asana exhale samasthiti great let’s continue so hands to the hips hop the feet apart about hip width inhale lengthen exhale forward fold take the big toes long spine and exhale forward fold, if you have room bend the elbows towards the side in pankot anguished Asana the head is reaching down to the ground it doesn’t have to touch the legs try to keep space. So the shoulders are not too stressing out belly is lifted keep breathing inhale lengthen the spine look a bit forward switch the hands. So the hands are under the feet padahast Asana and exhale forward fold and here it’s even more important not to creates too much tension in the shoulders right you’re reaching down by lifting the belly and having the feeling of the sitting bones reaching up to the sky not by pulling with your arms gaze is steady in Drishti steady inhale lengthen the spine exhale hands to the hips inhale all the way up samasthiti let’s take trikon Asana triangle pulse right foot opens to the right arms up reaching way forward right hand down left arm up, if you can take your gaze up towards the right arm again remember that it’s pretty important here to open the chest to keep the body sideways not to collapse forward or back and. So, if your hand is far down. But you’ve compromised your torso come with the hand a little bit up you don’t have to take the big toast on the style unless it’s comfortable for you to do. So Inhale coming up rotate the feet. So you’re facing the front of the mat reach forward left hand down right arm up and again.

If possible gaze goes up towards the right hand people sometimes ask me whether the fingers should be together or apart and astanga I was taught fingers together I know that some vinyasa traditions allow the hands to be apart. But I like the sense of energy flowing through the hands I keep it together inhale coming up and again rotate to the back of the mat for the Vita three kon Asana left hand goes down, if possible to the outside of the right foot right arm goes up trying to keep the hips somewhat square again, if this is too much use a block underneath the left hand or you can put the left hand on the leg somewhere all are good options inhale using Bundys to come out. So you stay steady almost like your cartwheeling on wind mailing the hands. And this time the right arm will go down to the outside of the left foot you can even keep the left hand on the hip, if you want to maintain the square hips or just feel it. And then take it up to the sky remember to keep the legs active so they’re really helping you stay steady belly is active the left shoulder keeps opening and he’ll slowly come all the way up and step or jump to the front of your mat so na TTE will open the feet a little wider this time preparing for Pasha kon Asana right hand goes down to the ground next to the right foot left arm over the head and as it goes over the head make sure that the shoulder rotates it’s actually a feeling like you’re bringing the arm towards the chest while the chest is opening towards the sky back leg is very strong the gaze traditionally goes to the hands I like to look up under the armpit as it feels easier on my neck inhale come up second side left hand next to left foot, if possible try to keep the left knee bent maybe to 90 degrees. But make sure that, if you do that you’re not collapsing in your right hip in your back leg right it’s still very active lifting the hips up to help you open the chest up towards the sky maintaining breath maintaining focus coming up we’re gonna go for the revolved one for the probe rita parsvakon Asana again many many options here the first thing to do, if this is too much is to lift the back heel the left heel off the ground keeping it down is really hard on the hips another option may be that the hands are in prayer instead of the full variation or maybe even keeping the back knee on the ground for stability I know this is quite a challenging pose inhale coming up rotate the feet.

And we’ll go across again try to take it as deep as you can. So that you’re reaching the armpits down towards the leg left arm over the head forward right leg strong again trying to twist a little bit in the chest and breathe and breathe maybe you deepen it slowly as you stay here yeah coming all the way back up and exhale come to the front of the mat samastitihi well open the right foot for prasarita padottan Asana starting with a hands on the hips inhale lengthen exhale forward fold inhale lengthen again and exhale heads head towards the ground, if your head is touching the ground. And it’s too easy you can narrow the space between your feet narrow the distance, if your head is almost on the ground. And you’re feeling a nice stretch in your legs stay there it’s a good place to be breathing elbows are pretty parallel to each other the Bundys are working inhale lengthen halfway exhale hands to hips inhale all the way up be lengthen exhale forward fold head again towards the earth elbows come in close to each other meaning don’t let them just fall to the sides and don’t close them so much that you’re creating tense. And you’re creating tension in the shoulder blades so even more important than this supposed to use your Bundys since your hands are not supporting you on the ground activate your legs feel your thighs working your quads inhale come all the way up exhale here the he’ll arms up to t exhale clasp the hands behind the back inhale lengthen and exhale prasarita padottan Asana C slowly taking the arms overhead, if the hands don’t go far down or don’t even pass the perpendicular to the floor stage consider using a strap between the hands or a towel. So you have more room to open the shoulders I like to stay here a few extra breaths. Because I feel like it takes me a little bit of time till my body kind of opens and surrenders into the pose. And it’s a very useful pose inhale coming all the way up exhale hands to the hips last one inhale lengthen exhale forward fold taking the big toes with your peace sign finger inhale lengthen and exhale head down towards the Earth elbows move out to the side making sure her again you’re not creating tension in the shoulders using Bundys and gree inhale lengthen halfway up exhale hands to hips inhale all the way up step 2 or jump to the front of the mat sama sweetie beautiful great taking the hands behind the back, if you have the reverse namaste please take it otherwise hold the elbows and open. So that the right foot goes towards the back of the mat there’s no need to open a big one like warrior two a little less than that squaring the hips inhale lengthen and exhale forward fold coming into the pose China lengthen the spine so your Drishti your gazing forward towards your toes. And it’s like you’re checking out your toenail.

But of course you’re not. Because you’re half enlightened. So you’re just saying they’re focused listening to the sound of your breath back leg is also strong inhale come up and exhale turn around inhale really create space lengthen the spine try to come down with this length as you come down and sometimes called this pose I love you hamstring pose right, if you can’t have your mind quiet here. And just breathing you can whisper to yourself I love you hamstrings I love your hamstrings I love you hamstrings keep breathing while you chant this beautiful mantra and they’re all the way up releasing the hands take them out to the side. And then step to the front of the mat beautiful now that we’ve stretched the hamstrings the back of the thighs let’s uh balance we’ll need this stretching we’ll take the right leg up and take the big toes exhale forward fold so as you can see I’m not forward folding very deeply I’ve decided that this is just where I need to go you can go all the way down. But make sure you have a sense of pretty straight legs and length as much as you can in the spine. And you can also hold the knee, if this is too much many of us will need to hold the knee inhale up and exhale open the right foot towards the right side gains Drishti goes over to the left side keep the belly in keep your bundles alive breathing great back to Center maybe your forward folding with an exhale one breath touch that leg inhale back up both hands to the hips point the toes and stay up it doesn’t really matter, if your right foot right now is just three inches off the ground that’s fine you’re working on your balance not really on stretching try not to lean too far back with it back and release down great good news we have another side hopefully you’re very excited, if not to be grateful that you have just one more sign left leg up exhale forward fold towards the left leg keeping the Drishti steady imagine, if you were an octopus. And you had to do this eight times for eight limbs. So we only have two pretty easy life inhale coming up and exhale opening the left leg to the left side and, if possible gaze goes to the right side, if you’re really unsteady obviously keep this case the Drishti forward you don’t have to open then breathing breathing some more coming back to Center again not a must exhale forward fold touch the leg inhale back up hands to the hips left leg straight breathe shoulders relaxed back yeah and release down to the ground nice everybody another standing pose bah bah dah Padma turn Asana we’ll take the right leg you can take tree pose, if this is a little crazy. Because for some of us it is, if possible right foot half Lotus left arm binds behind the back. And then slowly forward fold. So the sorry right hand holds that puts behind the back left hand is on the ground, if possible place the left hand right next to the right foot let the head drop down towards the leg and maintain calmness and breath and they have lengthen the spine exhale here.

And then inhale come all the way up as, if you’re in no hurry release the right leg and lower it to the ground again how lucky are we that we can do this twice left leg comes out after Lotus left arm behind the back holding the left big toe lengthen and exhale forward fold right hand goes to the floor next to the right foot belly in and exhale forward fold breathing. So this is still a balancing pose it’s a little easier. Because maybe you have that right hands down right now. But keeping the bandha. So you stay steady inhale lengthen exhale. And then hang all the way up try to really slow and with control gorgeous let’s take a part Surya Namaskar for Ithaca Tatiana and yeah coming up with the hands look up Woodville hasta sana exhale forward fold down uttan Asana inhale lengthen and exhale chaturanga dand Asana inhale voted for mukha Svan Asana exhale a democracy Asana jump right into the post jump bend the knees open the heart won’t cut a sauna it’s really important that the hips move back and down right don’t let the knees move too far forward as you can see I’ve got the knees pretty much in line with the toes or even a bit behind, if I would look down I would see my toes to make sure I’m not putting too much pressure on the knees not good for long hold exhale forward fold inhale lengthen hands that jump back good inhale really shine your heart open up exhale downward facing dog right foot forward for warrior one Veerabhadra sana Chi Chi is like a in the Sanskrit alphabet. So the arms are powerful up. But the shoulders relaxed down and away from the ears the right knee is bending to 90 degrees barely slightly and. So you don’t arch too much in the back that was short straighten the right leg switch to the other side left knee bending towards 90 degree heart open gaze up at the hands right try to keep the gaze steady up. So you’re really focused here and breathe opening slow-motion Warrior 2 left arm forward right on that beautiful try to feel the pose maybe you’re looking to check yourself. But really feel it.

And then relax the shoulders as you can see I’m feeling like I’m like I’m in water right the arms are there there’s not a lot of effort there’s a lot of power. But not a lot of effort straightening the left leg switching over to the right side keep the arms up for Veerabhadra sana ha Warrior 2 kha kha is be in the Sanskrit alphabet and finding that softness that floating Ness in the arms gaze is forward over the right arm and exhale hands to the ground step it back chaturanga dand Asana going through your vinyasa inhale up exhale down down congratulations you’ve completed the standing poses of the astanga vinyasa system I can’t help it. So let’s do just a couple more poses sit up in dand Asana and really try to lengthen the spine you can sit on a block or a blanket, if you need to. So we’ll end after another pose or so and, if you want to continue. And you know your practice you can continue in whatever you do the seated poses or anything else. But I just wanted to give you a good guide for the standing balancing pose standing poses of their standard series from dand Asana forward folding to paschimottan Asana the seated forward fold facing west take the first slightly easier variation. And then inhale lengthen and go into a deeper variation I’m doing only two I’ll stay a little longer in the second variation I like to stay in this pose I find that surrendering and staying a little longer really allows for more opening and since this will be my last pose here I’m staying a bit longer after this I’ll jump back take my last vinyasa. And then take sav Asana make sure you do take a shav Asana and rest after this more atom meditation thank you everybody for your practice for joining me here today on practice and please subscribe and share below what is your practice it’ll be helpful for me to know. So I’ll know how to prepare us for the future okay take good care namaste char.

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