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Yoga as meditation on Also in this period, it is not clear whether before or after his practice of austerities, Siddhatta studied meditation under, first, Alara Kalama and, second, Uddaka Ramaputta. Alara taught Siddhatta how to attain the state of no-thing-ness (a state designated by later Buddhists as the seventh jhana) and offered to share leadership of his group with his student, but Siddhatta refused, realizing that this state was not the end of sorrow that he sought. Later he studied under Uddaka and learned how to attain the state of neither-per-ception-nor-non-perception (a state designated by later Buddhists as the eighth jhana). Like Alara, Uddaka offered to share the leadership of his group with Siddhatta, but again the young man declined, realizing that this too was not the way that led beyond sorrow. ENLIGHTENMENT The Pali texts present us with a number of different accounts of Siddhatta s enlightenment. They do, however, present the student of Buddhism with a number of problems, not least of which is that they are not compatible with each other. One of them has Siddhatta leaving Uddaka Ramaputta and settling outside of a small town called Uruvela, a delightful spot with a pleasant grove, a river flowing delightfully with clear water and good fords, and round about a place for seeking alms. Yoga as meditation 2016.

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