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Hi I’m Sophie and today we’re going to talk about a couple of arm balances these are approachable for both beginners and more advanced students however I would recommend that you’ve got a slow crow pose before you to start doing these poses. So we’re going to work with blue Jeep and Asana. And then Tiki Buster from there they’re both these poses as I suggested in many of my posts I would do at least 10 sons notation a before doing these and maybe a few sons notation B and preferably some hamstring and hip opening poses before hand you may also want to warm up the wrists and hands. And the shoulders so to come into butcher Panda sauna we’re going to take your feet a little bit wider than hip width apart maybe sort of mat width apart. And you’re gonna bend the knees. And you’re gonna start to come down. And just wriggle your right shoulder underneath your right thigh as much as you can holding on to the back of the right ankle.

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And then you’re gonna take your left hand behind your left thigh again wriggle here it’s deep underneath as you possibly can the shoulders under the thighs then you’re gonna take your hands back onto the mat fingertips face forwards and shoulder width apart. And then rest all the way down then do your elbows will bend your knees and literally come to sit on top of your upper arms from here you’re going to start to tilt your weight backwards and literally sit on your upper arms lifting maybe just one foot any other thoughts I have to lifting both feet. And then you’ll get across the ankles together and lift the feet up off of the mat so balancing hairy upper arms focusing on a point in front of you on the floor. But aiming for five breaths here I want you down in five breaths I’m crossing the beat and maybe just slowly lowering yourself all the way back down to the floor. So this does require quite a lot of upper-body strength and core strength the main thing that you want to be thinking about when you’re in this pose is really squeezing the knees onto the upper abs and engaging through the pool also you’re gonna take a meet take your weight a little bit further forward rather than back.

Because you’ve got to try and make your body into like a scale. So you’re heading your bottom are different ends of the scale your arms at the balance point in the middle you’ve got to make them back so usually you’ll see, if the head has gonna come further forward than the bottom, if you’re a little bit tighter through the hips you might find it difficult to get the hands down onto the mat behind you. So I would recommend here, if that is the case do take a couple of blocks or bricks behind you. And then you can place the hands down onto the bricks like so or Lauren to the blocks try again. So we’ll just go through it one more time so sitting here engaging through your core until starting to tilt the weight forwards and lift one foot. And then maybe cross the ankles I mean pressing through the hands we breathe here four five so don’t worry, if you do wobble back a few times that’s perfectly normal it might also be quite nice just to take a cushion actually behind you at first. So, if you do rock back onto your bottom you can just come up again. But this is a pose that does take a lot of time and practice to master. So just keep coming back to it a little bit every single day and eventually you’ll be up there and balancing. So the next variation is something that were going to come into court typical titty bar snow which you can get into easily from.

But you can master. So once again starting in exactly the same way you could have your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart slowly your shoulders underneath your thighs as much as you can. And then take the hands down onto the mat behind you sit down on your upper arms take your weight on your upper arms. And then lift one foot lift the other foot and clunk here to balance with straight legs in the straddle position for five breaths. And when you’ve done your five you’re going you can just lower yourself down to the ground or come all the way up just nothing. So It would definitely suggest mastery boutique and dancing at first the first one when you’re nice and solid in that it is literally a case of just uncrossing the ankles squeezing the thighs more. And then starting to straighten out through the legs the main limiting factors in this poses are the hips. And also the hamstring for the first one, if you’re looking at the hips they’re not open enough, if you hard to get the hands behind that’s when you need your blocks second one once you’ve mastered the first one it’s the hamstring they need to be quite open in order to collect come straight they don’t use me all the way straight you have them a little bit better or starting to work to whores stroking them thank you very much for having a go at these fun arm balances with me today you do have any questions. And I’m sure you will. Because these can be a bit tricky then please do comment below, if you like to subscribe thank you very much.


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