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Yoga apparel on 9 An extract which illustrates the Buddha s style goes: Bharadvaja, even although something be thoroughly believed in, it may be empty, void, false; on the other hand, something not thoroughly believed in may be fact, truth, not otherwise Preserving a truth, Bharadvaja, is not enough for an intelligent man inevitably to come to the conclusion: This alone is the truth, all else is falsehood. if a man has faith and says: Such is my faith, speaking thus he preserves a truth, but not yet does he inevitably come to the conclusion: This alone is truth, all else is falsehood. In other words, if a person believes in some report or tradition they should say that they believe it to be true rather than claiming that it is the truth. THE RATIONALISTS The four unsatisfactory reasons for holding a view that relate to reasoning are: logic inference after considering reasons after reflection on and approval of some theory. The Buddha is not against reasoning as such, only against claiming too much for it and using it to arrive at dogmatically held positions. Buddhaghosa (5th century CE) identified four kinds of reasoners: 1. those who reason on the basis of a tradition (essentially theology); 2. Yoga apparel 2016.

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