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The Political, Moral, and Sexual Implications of Idealism

Bodily delight is a sensory experience, not any different from pure looking or the pure feeling with which a beautiful fruit fills the tongue; it is a great, an infinite learning that is given to us, a knowledge of the world, the fullness and the splendor of all knowledge. (Rainer-Marie Rilke, 1908, Letters to a Young Poet, IV, p. 361)

Idealism has never been a pure speculation. It opens almost automatically on a global and militant vision. Those who have the impression of having entered into contact with the Truth often think that they are authorized to make pronouncements on everything that goes on in the world. They assume that their deep intuition about what is Just and False gives them permission to judge everything.

But when the souls we call immortal reach the top, they move outward and take their stand on the high ridge of heaven, where its circular motion carries them around as they stand while they gaze upon what is outside heaven. (Plato, 1997, Phaedrus, 247-248, p. 525)

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