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Now I want to prophesy to those who convicted me, for I am at the point when men prophesy most, when they are about to die. I say gentlemen, to those who voted to kill me, that vengeance will come upon you immediately after my death, a vengeance much harder to bear than that which you took in killing me. You did this in the belief that you would avoid giving an account of your life, but I maintain that quite the opposite will happen to you. There will be people to test you, whom I now held back, but you did not notice it. They will be more difficult to deal with as they will be younger and you will resent them more. (Plato, 1997, Apology,

In the preceding chapters, I have described Idealistic propositions that are often considered good reasons to become an Idealist. I now discuss some implications of this stance that may explain the violent reactions that Idealism has aroused. I limit myself in situating those implications in the life of Plato; in speaking of Wilhelm Reich, we will see that these implications are always present.

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