Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation on Nevertheless, I think it is self-evidently true that since the industrial revolution our understanding of how the world works has increased more quickly than at any time in our history, and this, I want to argue, is due to the application of what is commonly known as science or scientific enquiry. Science is one of those activities that has fuzzy boundaries. The kinds of things that theoretical physicists do are quite different from the taxonomic activities of the botanist. However, not all sources of claims to knowledge can claim to be scientific. American judges recently decided that Creation Science/Intelligent Design was not science. But how, exactly, do we differentiate science from non-science? Even scientists do not always seem to agree on the answer to this question. For example, in The Unnatural Nature of Science biologist Lewis Wolpert argues that what all forms of scientific knowledge have in common is that they are open to revision, either in terms of modification (as Newton s laws were modified in the light of relativity theory Newton had assumed that space and time were separate but Einstein showed that they were both part of the same continuum: spacetime. Yoga and meditation 2016.

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Yoga and meditation


Yoga and meditation

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