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Yoga and meditation Pics on They are also more restrictive. Women are not allowed to enter the order and must be reborn as men in order to gain liberation. There is not, however, a strict division between the monastic order and the laity, who can take on many of the monastic practices for limited periods. Progress towards liberation, which the Jains call kaivalya (aloneness/isolation), is described in terms of 14 stages called gunasthanas.5 At the fourth stage a jiva is sufficiently pure to live as a Jain layperson; at the sixth stage the jiva is ready for the monastic life and the final path to freedom. With reference to our model of soteriology, Jainism gets its knowledge through meditation and frames the human problem in terms of bondage to samsara. Liberation is achieved through effort6 and is experienced as a radical separation between spirit (jiva) and matter (ajiva). Yoga and meditation Pics 2016.

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