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Yoga and meditation music on By such practice he gains control over the elements and acquires thereby powers to create all kinds of creatures, cause the earth to tremble, disappear at will, drink up rivers, lakes and oceans, and become so radiant that he cannot be seen. Despite the many minor differences and often extensive redactions, the comments of these teachers all present us with a reasonably consistent picture of the nature and practice of yoga as understood in the late epic period. It is practised by renunciants. It is grounded on non-violence, compassion, abstemiousness, celibacy, truth-speaking and sensual restraint. It involves the cultivation of detachment and an attitude of indifference along with an inward mental focus which yields both knowledge and supernormal powers. All of these characteristics are found in the later Yoga Sutras of Patanjali but within a philosophical context that makes little or no reference to Vedic-Vedantic teaching. Here then, we may have some of the source material that Patanjali gathered when compiling his own text. Yoga and meditation music 2016.

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