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Yoga and diet on What are the fruits that have been indicated for such men? What is that region to which they go after death? Is such a man to be regarded as following the ordinances of Samkhya or yoga or work [kriya]? Or is such a man to be regarded as observing the ordinances about (mental) sacrifices?95 Bhdsma replies by stating, somewhat confusingly, that both of the methods for gaining emancipation, namely Yoga and Samkhya ( which is otherwise called Vedanta ) are both concerned and again unconcerned (with silent recitations). The commentator explains this rather perplexing statement by pointing out that as long as one does not succeed in beholding one s Soul, one may silently recite the Pranava or the original word Om. When, however, one succeeds in beholding one s Soul, then one may give up such recitation. 96 Bhdsma explains that the reciter must live in solitude, fix the mind, subdue the senses, maintain the sacred fire, meditate, undertake penance, practise self-restraint, forgiveness, benevolence and abstemiousness in respect of food. He should also withdraw from worldly attachments, remain silent and be tranquil. Through recitation within this discipline he casts off his life breaths and then enters into the Brahmic body. Or, if he does not desire to enter into the Brahmic body, he at once goes upwards into the region of Brahma and has never to undergo rebirth. Yoga and diet 2016.

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