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Yoga and detox on On the other hand, there is the law of karma. If someone accepts a version of this idea then asceticism offers a way of bringing the latent effects of karma forward into the present and working them off by deliberately creating suffering. The more karmic effects one can burn up in this way the less dominated by karma and the more free one will become. Siddhatta practised austerities along with five other ascetics and was the most determined of the group, constantly seeking to extend his ability to deal with pain. He practised holding his breath until he experienced headaches which created the sensation that his head was being crushed with the point of a sword or being held over a fire of coals. He fasted and became so thin and malnourished that when he sought to touch the skin of his stomach he felt his spine; when he sought to touch his spine he felt the skin of his stomach, and when he stroked his arm the hairs fell out. Eventually, he realized that austerities were not the way to escape from suffering. Yoga and detox 2016.

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