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Yoga and balance on 12.241-47, where we are told that emancipation (moksa) may be gained by women and low-caste men if they practise yoga and that yoga should only be taught to snatakas (males of the twice-born varnas: brahman, ksatriya and vaisya). Because the texts on yoga within the Moksadharma Parvan are all affected by such redactive distortions, my procedure here will be first of all to present an outline of the issues that the redactors are seeking to resolve, and then to summarize and comment upon a number of passages that offer reasonably extensive treatments of yoga. Not everyone will be in agreement with such an approach or with my interpretation of the material. Nevertheless, this approach will provide a relatively clear account that readers can employ as a guide during their own researches or as a hypothesis to be challenged and, if possible, falsified. In 12.350 it is claimed that there are four philosophies (jnanam), namely the Samkhya-Yoga, the Vedaranyaka, the Pancaratra and the Pasupata. Yoga and balance 2016.

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