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Yoga and asanas on Krsna s initial response to Arjuna s dilemma is very much focused on the aim of getting him to fight. To this end, he introduces in chapter two the teachings of Samkhya-Yoga and karma-yoga. Interspersed with the former are exhortations that warriors of any age would recognize: Whence to thee this faintheartedness In peril has come, Offensive to the noble, not leading to heaven, Inglorious, O Arjuna Yield not to unmanliness, son of Prtha;* It is not meet for thee. Petty weakness of heart Rejecting, arise, scorcher of the foe! (2.2-3) Likewise having regard for thine own (caste) duty Thou shouldst not tremble; For another, better thing than a fight required of duty Exists for a warrior. Presented by mere luck, An open door of heaven -Happy the warriors, son of Prtha, That get such a fight! Now if thou this duty-required Conflict wilt not perform, Then thine own duty and glory Abandoning, thou shalt get thee evil. Disgrace, too, will creatures Speak of thee, without end; And for one that has been esteemed, disgrace Is worse than death. Yoga and asanas 2016.

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