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Vignette on metal in acupuncture. If you place metal between water and fire, the antagonism between the two elements can be mastered usefully. The metal permits the regulation of the tension that naturally exists between fire and water. Through the mastery of this possibility, humans have been able to develop, for example, the culinary arts or the steam engine. For Hiroshi Nozaki, a medicine like metal does not harmonize fire and water but creates new constructive possibilities between elements that remain antagonists.

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If you are high-risk due to issues such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and obesity, it may be safest to withhold foods during labor; please consult your physician if you have questions. Before making the personal decision to eat during labor, I did consult with my doula, who has coached more than 250 births. She explained that I would need the stored calories for what would be the longest workout of my life and she was absolutely correct. With that being said, I believe that my food intake during labor was one of the key strategies that got me through my twenty-hour birthing workout. As in any other sporting event, if I hadn’t fueled up properly, I probably wouldn’t have finished successfully. During active labor, the last thing on my mind was eating thankfully, the chicken salad I finished at five o’clock fueled me enough to get me through to when my baby was born at 3:06 a.m.

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