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Yoga all poses on The rest of the Upanisad, except for 2.8, which sets out the gradations of bliss, is rarely mentioned. BRGHU VALL! The first section of this valli, 1.6, is reminiscent of BAU 4.1, where a number of incomplete (one-footed) definitions of brahman are considered. In that passage, speech (vac), breath (prana), the eye/ sight (caksus), the ear/hearing (srotra), the mind (manas) and the heart (hrdaya) are all considered as possible candidates for the status of supreme principle (brahman) but each is stated to be just a part of brahman. Here, the components are the same as the five selves of the preceding valli: anna, prana, manas, vijnana and ananda, though five of the BAU group are mentioned at the beginning of 3. Yoga all poses 2016.

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