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Yoga agora on 2. He who, because of his jhanic experience, argues that since his soul is happy in the present, it must have been so in the past and it will be so in the future and accepts the theory that the soul is eternal, is an intuitionist reasoner. In both cases, the reasoner has gone beyond the evidence of his experience and made an unjustifiable inference which, according to the Buddha, results in false statements being believed in.10 In the case of the pure reasoners there is a double mistake: first of all their a priori reasoning (reasoning on the basis of accepted principles) is really reasoning about what ought to be or what must be; then they make unwarranted deductions. So the Buddha could find no confidence in beliefs based on authority or tradition alone; nor in those based on authority plus reasoning; nor in those based on limited experience plus reasoning; nor in those based on reasoning alone. In fact, the Buddha seems to be against holding any beliefs/views whatsoever. In the Dighanakhasutta11 three attitudes to views or beliefs are set out: 1. Yoga agora 2016.


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Yoga agora

Yoga agora

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