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Yoga advanced poses on Others are referred to as kapalinis, companions of kapali-yogins.28 Many of these names are Saivite in origin and suggest that the tantras in which they are found were promulgated by Saivite yogins. Often known as adepts (siddha) or great adepts (mahasiddha), these yogins were recognized by both Buddhist and Saivite tantrics. They seem to have originated in northeastern India sometime between the eighth and twelfth centuries and were assimilated into tantric Buddhism by association with Aksobhya, the Buddha of the eastern quarter. Moreover, the introductions to many of these tantras are significantly different from those found in other types of Buddhist tantric literature. Thus I have heard: at one time the Lord reposed in the vagina of the Lady of the Vajra-sphere the heart of the Body, Speech and mind of all Buddhas 29 is, according to Snellgrove, typical of the genre. Can all this be symbolic language or do these left-hand tantras really advocate a yoga practice rooted in an abandonment of all conventional taboos? Most modern commentators think not and explain many of the seemingly debauched instructions as forms of secret code, twilight language (sandhabhasya). Yoga advanced poses 2016.

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