Yoga to Address Bone Deterioration

As you exhale stretch the arms forward, bending at the waist. Continue to slowly bend forward as far as you can go. (Go only as far as you can bend; do not push or bounce.) Ideally, the hands will touch the floor. Hold

Exhaling, extend your left, leg back with your left knee touching the floor. Your right foot should still be on the floor and your right knee should be bent. Your hands are firmly on the floor parallel with the right foot. Lengthen your upper body upward. Look up, lifting your chin. Inhale in this position. Hold.

Exhaling, bring your back leg up to the left, and straighten your legs, keeping your body bent toward your knees and your hands on the floor. Hold.

Inhaling, slowly extend your arms forward and up. Bending at the waist and keeping your hands close together, slightly arch your head and arms back as you did in step 2.


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