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Yoga abdominal on It was the Yogacara school that sought to explain the processes by which we mistake our mental constructs for reality and set out the meditational strategy for overcoming this tendency. The principal teachers of the Yogacara school were Maitryanatha, Asanga and Vasubandhu. The first of these may be a mythical or visionary figure (the sambhoga kaya of the bodhisattva Maitreya) who revealed a series of metrical commentaries on the Mahayana Sutras called alankara (adornments) to Asanga. Vasubandhu is reputed to have been the younger brother of Asanga and is widely recognized as one of the greatest scholar-yogis of the Buddhist tradition. Exploring the Yogacara tradition can be a rather confusing experience for a student as its two main offshoots interpreted Vasubandhu s teachings differently. One of these, headed by Sthiramati, interpreted Vasubandhu as essentially elaborating the kind of teaching that we find evidence for in both early Buddhism and early Mahayana. The other, headed by Dharmapala, understood Vasubandhu to be teaching a kind of idealism the doctrine that the stuff of the world is made of mind, is mind-stuff. Yoga abdominal 2016.

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