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Realisation here means the firm experience within the spiritual adept of the nature of the Being who is devoid of birth and dissolution. Upon attaining this realisation, the spiritual adept experiences no birth nor death. This is the meaning of the above verse. The phrase he abides as he wishes, his aim fulfilled in the above verse means that the spiritual adept, on realising the supreme truth and thus achieving his highest purpose, has no other duty to perform. He lives in the physical frame with absolute freedom, never deviating from his own wishes which are identified with those of the supreme Lord on this level, just as the wheel of the potter, once set spinning revolves, thus biding time.

How does this happen? The reply is given by the author iii the above verse in the phrase because of the manifestation of his nature as the knower. By constant reflection, the real nature of the spiritual adept as the knower or experienccr under all conditions is revealed. He then becomes of the nature of the absolute while living in the physical body. When in this way described above, any individual embodied living being obtains the knowledge of his real divine nature, he will become identical with Siva. Such a person therefore will not be governed by the requirement that he first develop within himself any prerequisites for that attainment.

This is stated here in the following verse: He who knows the all-pervasive, omnipresent Self, the obliterator of multiplicity, the supreme bliss, who is beyond comparison, becomes one with him Siva. In the manner described above, the spiritual adept knows himself as Siva, pure consciousness and massive bliss incarnate, and is not affected by limitation in any form. Obtaining this wisdom from reasoning, scriptural authority Agama, his own experience, and deep reflection, the adept becomes Siva, casting away all of his self-imposed limitations. No prerequisites are required to obtain the knowledge of the Self. Therefore, all those who are subject to birth and death and are human can become one with Siva, after the awakening of the recognition of Siva i.


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