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A Systemic View of Interaction

Interest in yoga poses Ballet becomes more comprehensible if we realize that the most deeply moving moments of our lives usually leave us speechless, and in yoga poses such moments our body carriage may well be able to express what otherwise would be incomprehensible. (Rudolf Laban, 1950, The Mastery of Movement, IV, 87)

Single movements are, of course, only like the words or letters of language; they do not give a definitive impression or a coherent flow of ideas. (Rudolf Laban, 1950, The Mastery of Movement, IV, 87)

For Thelen and Smith,2 reality is observed with a microscope that can be adjusted to provide a broad general view of reality. The researcher then perceives a relatively coherent form of reality with large patterns and clearly delineated rhythms. As we turn up the magnification of our microscope, we see that our vision of linearity, uniformity, inevitable sequencing and even irreversibility break down❠(Thelen and Smith, 1994, Introduction, xvi). Once the details become increasingly apparent, reality appears so varied and disparate, that it is impossible to categorize into great schemes (e.g., all fingerprints are different). The organization of causal chains now appears to be messy, heterogeneous, and fuzzy. Thus, psychologists situate the distinction between organism, body, and psyche in yoga poses some global schemes, which they forget as soon as they observe a specific behavior. The researcher and the practitioner prefer to remain as close as possible to the details of what is perceived and measured instead of blinding oneself by following a theory that is only partially relevant.

This change of perspective often trivializes the notion of a global well-organized organism, as described by the System of Dimensions of the Organism It becomes a meeting place within which heteroclite mechanisms pile up. When a researcher analyses the details of an event, he does not preoccupy himself too much with their status within the organism The typical researcher will study different aspects of a dancer’s gesture without knowing what is psychological, of the body, behavioral or physiological. Certain variables will be collected at all these levels to find some interesting correlations. The questions regarding the way these variables interact are left aside for the day when we have a more consistent theory of the organism. For the moment, researchers tend to assume that there must be a web of connecting interfaces that allow for the multiple correlations that can be observed.

Psychologists often study an interaction between a patient and his therapist by using three kinds of data:

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